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    Who is required to take an online course?

    An online course is required for students who are seeking a standard 24-credit diploma.

    Students do NOT need to take a full 1.0 credit, as long as they take a complete course. For this reason, half-credit (0.5) courses will meet the online course requirement. Examples of half-credit courses available include Drivers' Education, Peer Counseling, and Personal Fitness.

    Students who will be earning the 18-credit ACCEL option are EXEMPT from the online course requirement. 

    Who provides online courses?

    Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and Alachua eSchool (AeS) are two online course providers. 

    After creating your account at, selecting courses through the Alachua eSchool option is recommended. This option allows students to have access to Alachua County teachers, and keeps resources local. These classes follow the SBAC calendar. 

    Which courses are available?

    Core courses, electives, foreign languages, practical/performing arts, and AP courses are all available online!

    The FLVS High School Course Catalog can be found here:

    The Alachua eSchool High School Course Catalog can be found here:

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How to Register for an Online Course

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