Make a Plan

  • College planning involves much more than just filling out forms, taking standardized tests, and asking for recommendation letters. The process requires self-reflection and consideration of both your budget and the pros and cons of different types of institutions. Your NHS Guidance Counselor is available to help you along the way so make sure to reach our for assistance.

Your planning should include the steps outlined below:

  • Consider your Interests and Goals

  • Research Different Types of Institutions

  • Understand the True Cost of College

  • Plan Ahead to meet Important Deadlines


  • is Florida’s Student Hub of Innovative Educational Services, an information-rich website of free online tools and resources to help students and adult learners succeed in school, earn a college degree, and embark on a rewarding career. Among the many features available on is the ability to easily research and compare all public colleges and universities in Florida, search for courses, check your progress to graduation, and so much more.


College Planning Checklist:

  • College may seem like a lifetime away on your first day of high school; however, it is important to start your college planning early — ideally in 9th grade. Doing this gives you the chance to consider the advice of college planning experts and set long-term goals, all while earning good grades and staying involved with extracurricular activities. You can print this College Planning Checklist to help you along the way.

Planning by Grade:

  • 9th Grade:

  • 10th Grade:

  • 11th Grade:

  • 12th Grade:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why is it important to plan for college?

  • What should you consider when choosing colleges to apply to?

  • When should you start applying to colleges?

  • *This information (and more is available) at so make sure to check out their resources.