• Virtual College Tours

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Make the Most of Your Virtual College Tour

  • Virtual visits come with technological benefits that are not available during in-person tours. During different parts of the tour, be sure to use the resources to your advantage:

    • Screenshot
    • Bookmark
    • Screen-record 

    These things can help keep your memory fresh, especially if you are attending multiple virtual tours. Instead of trying to jog your memory during interview prep, you can easily revisit a screenshot and remember a campus building that stood out.

    Take notes: As you attend virtual college tours, it is extremely important that you take notes. Not only will knowing what stood out about different colleges help you during your selection process, admissions officers will appreciate concrete details about what appeals to you about their school when reading your supplemental essays. 

    Think about what you might notice on a physical tour: There are many things that you can get a better sense of on an in-person tour that you can’t on virtual college tours, such as the weather or the distance between certain buildings. Most campus visit websites have both a street-view and a bird’s eye view, and you can adjust these settings to determine the distance between different areas around campus. As for weather, you can always check your phone for the temperature at any place on a given day. These factors can make a difference in your decision of where to attend, so don’t forget to take them into account. 

    Write down questions that come to mind: Since an admissions officer may take time to get back to you, you might not get all your questions answered in real time. Because of this, it is extremely important that jot down any points or questions that arise while you are attending virtual college tours so that you can bring them up when you contact a representative of the college/university.

    Reach out with the questions: Once you have finished touring a campus, you are going to have questions. Whether it is about course selection or on-campus facilities, you will want to reach out to someone. Emailing the admissions offices can be beneficial as they can guide you towards student representatives who can answer these for you. Additionally, if you meet an alum of the college, you can refer to your notes and ask different questions about their experience. 

Your College Visit Checklist

  • When you are ready to visit college campuses, feel free to use the Questions to Ask on a College Visit guide. This is a downloadable booklet you can use to help plan your visit and also help remind you of important information you learn. Feel free to include any additional information you may feel is helpful when it is finally time to decide where you want to attend college.