Welcome to Newberry High School!

    At Newberry High School, we are committed to the success of ALL students. To achieve success, each student must accept the responsibility of working to his or her full potential. This course directory will help students in this endeavor.

    We provide a wide range of courses that include academic, vocational, and elective offerings. Students should familiarize themselves with the credits required for graduation and then plan courses that will be interesting, challenging, and helpful in preparing them for their career goals. As part of this planning, remember that graduation requirements are the minimum you must take to earn a high school diploma and are currently based on the year you first enter high school.

    As you consider different courses, you should check this directory for information on the course overview and then talk to your parents, guidance counselor, and teachers regarding tentative selections. With this course directory, and by keeping everyone involved, students should make better-informed decisions.

    James Sheppard

2024-25 Newberry High School Program of Studies

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