• National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)

    Competitive sport divisions were launched by the NJCAA due to the growth and popularity of several sports. In order for a sport to be granted divisional status, member college participation in the sport must meet the divisional structure guidelines published in the NJCAA bylaws. 

    • Division I Colleges may grant full athletic scholarships (tuition, books, fees, room & board), up to $250 in course required supplies, and transportation costs one time per academic year to and from the college by direct route. Each sport has limits on the number of scholarships that can be granted.
    • Division II Colleges may grant athletic scholarships, but scholarships are limited to tuition, books, fees, and up to $250 in course required supplies. Each sport has limits on the number of scholarships that can be granted.
    • Division III Colleges are not permitted to offer any athletic scholarships.

    Make sure to also review the NJCAA Handbook  for important information for high school students who hope to compete in college sports at an NJCAA school. Visit the NJCAA website for additional information.

  • Organization of NJCAA Regions

    NJCAA map

    Region 1 Arizona
    Region 2 Arkansas and Oklahoma
    Region 3 Upper New York State
    Region 4 Upper Illinois and Southern Wisconsin
    Region 5 New Mexico and Western Texas
    Region 6 Kansas
    Region 7 Tennessee
    Region 8 Florida
    Region 9 Colorado east of the Continental Divide, Eastern Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming
    Region 10 North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and South West Virginia
    Region 11 Iowa and Northeast Nebraska
    Region 12 Indiana, Lower Michigan, and Ohio
    Region 13 Minnesota, North Dakota, Upper Michigan Peninsula, Northern Wisconsin, and Montana
    Region 14 Eastern Texas and Southwestern Louisiana
    Region 15 Lower New York
    Region 16 Missouri
    Region 17 Georgia
    Region 18 Colorado west of the Continental Divide, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Western Montana, and Utah
    Region 19 Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey
    Region 20 Maryland, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Panhandle
    Region 21 Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island
    Region 22 Alabama
    Region 23 Mississippi and Louisiana
    Region 24 Lower Illinois 
NJCAA logo
  • Member colleges of the NJCAA are allotted to a specific NJCAA Region upon membership to the association. Unlike other collegiate organizations that defer to conference affiliation, the NJCAA guarantees each member college's membership within the regional structure of the association. In most cases, region assignment is based upon geographic location of the college. 

    To view a full list of NJCAA members, visit: NJCAA Member College Directory