• Exceptional Student Education

Project SEARCH

  • Project SEARCH is a one-year program designed for students with intellectual disabilities and/or students who have been identified as autistic and provides interns with onsite classroom instruction, career explorations, and allows students to engage in activities that will assist them in gaining competitive paid employment. (This is a transition-age program for students who have met their graduation requirements and have deferred the receipt of the diploma.) More information will be provided at the Open House on Thursday (April 20th) beginning at 5:00 pm in the Eastside High School auditorium, hosted by Shand's Health and the UF College of Medicine or visit www.projectsearch.us.

Santa Fe College Project SAINT

  • Project SAINT (Student Access and INclusion Together) is an official Florida Post-Secondary Comprehensive Transition Program (FPCTP) and is recognized by the Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities. SAINT students receive the part-time support of SF student mentors, whether in classes, on internships or participating in campus activities.

    Students who are interested in applying for the program must first apply to Adult Education at Santa Fe College. Applications for SAINT are accepted on a rolling basis, with entry fall or spring terms based on available openings and eligibility. Project SAINT students are financially supported by scholarships made available by Florida state legislation and the Florida Center for Unique Learners. 

    Click the link to visit the website: https://www.sfcollege.edu/prepare/adult-education/project-saint/ and watch the view to learn more about Project SAINT.

Our ESE Team

  • Ulysses Woods, ESE Department Chair (woodsu)

    9th Grade IEP Managers: Karen Woods (woodska) and Mark Burford (burfordmr)

    10th Grade IEP Manager: Ulysses Woods (woodsu)

    11th Grade IEP Manager: Delia Perez (perezdm)

    12th Grade IEP Manager: Delia Perez (perezdm)

    Natasha Cheggeh, Guidance Counselor (A-L) (cheggehnd)

    Jessica Ross, Guidance Counselor (M-Z) (rossjs)

    Tiffany Coleman-Allen, ESE Guidance Clerical Aide (colemantm)

    *All emails followed by @gm.sbac.edu