• "Florida is on the path to becoming a top 10 global economy by 2030. With hundreds of thousands of open jobs in Florida, we must align market needs with talent supply and implement the right training for mid- to high-wage, high-demand jobs. In doing so, we improve our students’ chances for a more prosperous future. Workforce education will propel us there – faster, farther."

    --Future of Work FL

Career Pathways

    • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
    • Architecture & Construction
    • Arts, A/V Technology & Communication
    • Business Management & Administration
    • Education & Training
    • Energy
    • Engineering & Technology Education
    • Finance
    • Government & Public Administration
    • Health Science
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Human Services
    • Information Technology
    • Law, Public Safety & Security
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing, Sales & Service
    • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

    Visit the Get There Florida website to get additional information about Career Pathways.

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