O365 Fine Print

  • Alachua County Public Schools assumes no liability concerning teacher or staff home computing devices if they choose to download and install these applications. Users who encounter technical difficulties must seek technical support on their own or contact Microsoft directly.

    • This offer only applies to students currently enrolled in Alachua County Schools and teachers and staff currently employed by Alachua County Schools.

    • When a student/employee graduates/leaves the Alachua County School District, their software subscription will end. The student/employee can then purchase the software directly from Microsoft.

    • The Student and Teacher Advantage programs are valid only while the district maintains a qualifying Microsoft EES agreement.

    • The District is only able to provide very limited technical support that relates to the creation and distribution of student and employee District level accounts that are required for this program.

    • For all other technical support associated with the installation and use of this program, students and employees should contact Microsoft.

    • You must connect to the internet once every 30 days to verify that you are still eligible for the program.

    • If you already have a version of Microsoft Office on your device, be sure you have the product key handy. To install Office 365 you may need to uninstall your current version. In the event that you are no longer associated with ACPS you will need your original key to reinstall your own version of Office.
    • The current district Office applications are exactly the same as O365 versions for home use, however, there are some differences including patching, license sign in for usage, and Click-to-Run (C2R) technology for rapid installs (2 minutes for quick usage).
    • What is included with Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty subscription license?

    Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty   (base applications)
    Office for iPad

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