• Logging into the FLDOE Portal

    Alachua County Public Schools provides Single Sign On for FLDOE applications like CPalms, FSSAT, PEER, Florida School Leaders and others. Users accessing this portal must be active employees with the school district.

    Staff members log in via MyPortal. At the initial login, choose Alachua County from the list. A successful login will load a welcome page with your name and the apps that have been assigned to you.


    Sometimes the login can be problematic. Some issues you may encounter are:

    • Mismatch email address: If you see an email address in the login error that does not match, contact Jeannie Fox to correct the mismatch.
    • All Failed Logins: Try to clear your browser cache using the time range of All Time. Then log in again.
    • Missing Apps: Contact your supervisor who can make the app request to the appropriate department.


    Support assistance: 

    • Jeannie Fox (foxjj@gm.sbac.edu)
    • Help Desk (helpdesk@gm.sbac.edu
    • Technical Support 352-955-7051