Purchasing Approval Procedures

  • The District IT Committee reviews all requests for software and hardware purchases in order to ensure compatibility with existing technology.




    Document Camera

    Projector Bulbs



    Instructional Technology does not currently support software installation unless the software has been approved. To submit a software request to our review committee, please use this link to submit a software review.



    See page 14 of the District Technology Plan for more information regarding hardware and software purchases.

    For information on repairing hardware, donations, surplus or salvage, download the Hardware Surplus Procedures document.

    IT offers standard support for all schools and centers that have approved hardware and software installed.

    Since there are so many different types of repairs and support available, we have posted a matrix to help you find the right support quickly.

    If you need further assistance, please notify the Help Desk at 955-7500 who will route your call to the correct IT professional.